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Feihuang integrates education and training, startup and investment, and alumni association. It is focused on business and non-profit services for the community. Non-profit part aims to give back to society by providing non-profit services and philanthropy events, which is one of the main purposes of the firm. Business part aims to grow our firm and build a lasting legacy in the community.

Feihuang has its headquarter in Huanggang, located in the Huanggang High School (best known as Huanggao) Alumni House, which is located in Yiai Lake, a famous scenic area in the city.  

Feihuang is engaged in delivering Feihuang’s value “Collaboration, Creation, Sharing, and Win-Win” and Feihuang culture, which are “Philanthropy, Collaboration, Value and Sustainability”. Feihuang aims to expand Huanggang High School legacy, integrate alumni resources, build up and maintain platforms for our alumni, provide services for alumni and help revive Huanggang High School. Feihuang also engages in creating a platform for attracting investment and talents from across the world, lead and drive the growth of the economy of our hometown.

Feihuang is based in Huanggang, flying to the world. 

Feihuang Culture

Feihuang, the head of an ancient divine horse with a horn on its back, can run in full speed and lives a long life. Feihuang is one of the auspicious animals in Chinese traditional culture. 

Aiming high and travelling far across the world, building a lasting legacy for our community are the mission of Feihuang.

More about Feihuang

Feihuang’s headquarter is located at the entrance of “Shuang Ye Song Feng”, one of the scenic spots of Yiai Lake, Huanggang city. It is a tranquil and elegant place, full of cultural attractions. The headquarter includes alumni honor exhibition room, a modern innovation book store, a co-creation space, and office spaces. The whole place is called Huanggao Alumni House, which is a landmark for the Huangang city and a place for education, exchange and startups.

Feihuang is engaged in delivering Feihuang’s value “Collaboration, Creation, Sharing, and Win-Win” and Feihuang culture, which are focuses on philanthropy, collaboration, value and sustainability”. Feihuang aims to Huanggao legacy, integrate alumni resources, build up platforms for alumni, provide services for alumni and help revive our school. Feihuang also engages in creating a platform to attract investment and talents, lead and drive the growth of the economy of our hometown.

Feihuang is based in Huanggang, flying to the world. 

Huanggang is famous for its high quality education. Feihuang Education is funded by the famous Huanggang High School Alumni. Growing up in Dabie Mountains, our alumni across the world have developed a new system of concepts and approaches on education based on their life experience and their new perspectives regarding education. The new education concepts including: 

  • focused on family education,

  • develop positive attitudes, thinking and problem solving skills 

  • coach critical skills

  • provide expert solutions for family education

  • adopt positive phycology and positive education as the foundation of education  


Strong Influence 

Feihuang has organized a wide range of education training programs, workshops, consultations and all other related events after its establishment. It has reached more than 5000 people face by face and more than 50000 people online. 

Feihuang is located in Yiai Lake, which is a 4A scenic area honoring Su Dongpo, who was a distinguished poet and an influential political figure in ancient China. Feihuang has a building space of 2000 square meters. The firm has 11 education consultants and some part-time experts as well as alumni across the world. The Huanggang Women Association has nominated the firm as one of the family education bases in Huanggang. Hongli Chen, the CEO of our firm and a distinguished positive psychologist, has been invited by the association to conduct research on the family education market and has posted several articles on the association’s website. Based on the mutual trust, the Huanggang Women Association has officially granted Feihuang as the consultant of family education for the Huanggang city. 

Feihuang has created parents’ school offering two types of services, non-profit and business. In family education, we have set up face to face classes for parents, parents’ discussion forum and online webinar. We have promoted family education through WeChat, our own websites, and other media. We have been well accepted and liked by parents as well as children.  

We have organized many positive psychology programs for teenagers locally and nationally. We also offer consultations to parents and students. Our workshops, programs and consultations are based on positive psychology. Positive psychology is a science of happiness. It is encouraging people to focus on positive aspects of life instead of the negative aspects of life. It helps people develop positive attitudes and positive thinking, searching for positive and effective solutions when faced with difficulties in their daily life. Our consultants include psychologists and education experts from across the world. Our value is to develop children’s core wellbeing and skills, with an emphasis on “family education is the start line for children”, promoting positive attitudes among children. 

Strong Research Capacities

Feihuang’s expert includes Tal Ben-Shahar, who teaches a course on happiness in Harvard and a leading scholar on happiness studies and Orin Davis, the first PhD in the area of positive psychology. We also have experts from Taiwan and other distinguished universities in Mainland China, including Peking University, Fudan University, and Huangzhong Normal University. 

The parents’ classes offer workshops which are designed and provided by our experts. It is organized locally or nationally across the country. 

The parents’ salon is a platform for parents sharing parenting experiences. And parents’ webinars are workshops offered through WeChat or other Medias. It is for non-profit and well accepted. 

Innovative contents and Approaches

Teenager’s positive thinking program is a program designed by Feihuang for the first time in Mainland China. It is focused on developing teenagers’ positive attitudes and thinking and teaching parents on how to parent using positive approaches. It has organized five programs in 2019, mostly based in Huanggang, and it has been organized in Hebei province and Beijing. The positive programs have been well accepted by parents with feedbacks from parents such as behavior changes in children, motivation changes, improvement in communications and habits. The programs have resulted in more bonded relationship between parents and children. Based on requests from parents, we will organize more positive programs in the coming year.

Consultations online or face to face also gain trust from parents. The consultations not only lead to behavior change in children and families for locals but also bring changes and hopes to families in other cities. 

We have organized English Corner at Yiai Lake, which is the first English corner in Huanggang. The goal of the English corner is to expand local people’s world views by providing a place and welcoming environment for English lovers to practice English and offer opportunities for local people to see the outside world. It has organized more than 18 English corners on a weekly basis, inviting guest hosts from other developed countries, with a wide ranges of topics, including sciences, arts, communications and careers. The English Corner has generated excellent popularity in Huanggang. Local media, such as Huanggang Daily, Huanggang Education and other paper media as well as online media.